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Irrigation Systems, for Small Backyard Design

Irrigation & DrainageIrrigations systems for Small backyard Designs


There are Landscape Designs, and then there are great functional Landscape Designs. Irrigation Systems should be part of that design. Irrigation systems are a great way to complete any Small Backyard Design.

The Design for your small backyard design

Irrigation systems should be one of the first things you plan with your designer. They are important to safe-guard your investment of new trees, shrubs and grass. Make sure to have that conversation with your landscape team, as it is difficult to install after the work is complete. No Small backyard design is complete without an irrigation plan.

The Benefits

A well planned irrigation system saves you time and money, and helps the environment. How many times have you put the sprinkler out, and then two hours later remember you left it on? It turns on in the early morning, shuts off, and doesnt turn on if it senses that the ground is still wet from rain. So no more wasted water, and you have strong and healthy plants.


We use difference zones for different kinds of plants and areas. Here are the top two most commonly used.

#1 Drip irrigation systems. These can be installed in decorative garden beds, and vegetable gardens. One of the advantages of drip irrigation systems, is that unlike high pressure sprinkler systems, less water is lost to evaporation, as the water lines are placed on the ground. That means plants receive a constant drip (but not a flood) of water, which helps protect delicate blooms. You are not watering the entire bed, only the plants. The bonus to this system is in the fall when you are pruning or cleaning your vegetable bed, you pull the lines to the side, do your thing, and then put them back in place. They are also easy to add to and adjust.

#2 Spray and Rotor heads. For this system the heads sit underground and pops up to water a larger area such as grass. Fully programmable, and if you incorporate a rain sensor you never waste water again.


Well we installed it now what? The great thing about the newer systems is the accessibility. We are able to log into your system remotely to help you manage any new changes, and to make sure its doing its job properly. One of the more commonly used WIFI apps is by Rain Bird, this is one of our favorites, as it is user friendly, and gives you all the information you need. I have attached a link for you to read more about this great feature. http://wifi.rainbird.com

Dont forget to talk to your Landscape designer to find out who can take care of your Spring and fall maintenance. Its not as expensive as you think!


At Newhart Landscaping in Sherwood Park, ten mins from Edmonton, our Landscape designers take all these things into account when we prepare a Landscape design for you. We also have spring and fall maintenance packages to help you enjoy your new landscape. Reach out to us, for your free landscape consultation.