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300 sq ft lawn private residential landscaping project


Private Client

Start Date

8th Mar 2018

End Date

21st Mar 2018

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Sherwood Park, AB
Exterior Landscaping Edmonton & Sherwood

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Project Description

This residential property with a 300 sq ft lawn started out in desperate need of maintenance and fertilization. The grass was spotted and brown, and dying without aeration. Our team of specialists started by giving the lawn some much needed breathing room with a full aeration, and then added some small shrubs and flowerbeds to add to the aesthetic appeal of the property.

After 2 weeks of scheduled maintenance, the grass had already become greener and more lush, and the property had come together to look like the finished product shown in the picture above.

The secret to a happy, healthy lawn is in aeration and fertilization!

– John Kent, Landscape Specialist