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Irrigation is the start of any landscape project, but it is also the finishing touch. Our goal is to design a system that reduces loss of plant life either with too much or too little water, by ensuring consistent and timely watering.

We offer competative pricing for both residential and commerical projects.

In addition to installation we also offer off site monitoring, and repairs to exsisting systems. Never have a problem again, ask us how!

Key Benefits of Irrigation & Drainage

Properly designed irrigation systems allow for complete control concerning any and all key features that you may have in your overall landscaping. Having the ability to determine and control the amount of water that any and all plant, vegetation (shrubbery and trees) may need in different increments, during different watering seasons and cycles – can be fully automated and customized from a central control program, that you are in complete control of. Newhart Landscaping will not only install and maintain the equipment, but we will also take the time to teach you the right way to keep your yard vibrant and alive.

  • Elegant landscaping = increased property value
  • Maintenance services ensure trees stay healthy
  • Install and Remove any type of trees safely
  • Insured and provide expert solutions
  • Experienced in commercial scale planting

Edmonton Irrigation

We offer our landscape design services for both residential and commercial clients alike. From large suburban lots, to acreages, to commercial properties, we are accommodating of all different budgets and designs.

Unlike many companies, we take the time you draw out your property, implement a design vision, and breakdown the details of the entire proposed project – free of charge. The drawings are then yours to do with as you please. We know another company will not be able to produce the same finished product that we can.

Our senior landscape architect personally designs and manages each and every project. With over 15 years of experience in construction, we specialize in transforming all kinds of outdoor areas into beautiful properties.

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Irrigation Drainage

Many people consider a professionally installed lawn sprinkler system to be a luxury. Not true! If you are watering your landscaping with a hose, we can create a customized solution that will be planned out by one of our licensed irrigators and installed with precision and professionalism to ensure a long, hassle-free life. We also offer trenchless irrigation in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Get in touch today for consultation.

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