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Our company holds contractor and public general liability insurance of no less than $5 million. And we have full WCB coverage on all of our staff and snow removal team. When the snow is falling, snow removal is easily one of the most common activities that people injure themselves doing. Let the professionals with the right tools for the job keep you and yours safe.

Key Benefits of Snow & Ice Removal

Keeping your parking lots clean and your sidewalks bare is what we live for during the harsh Edmonton winters. With Newhart Landscaping on the job, you will not have to worry about slips, trips, and falls because of unattended to lots and side walks. We offer both commercial and residential snow removal. This winter, let Newhart move the white stuff.

  • Keep your parking lots and sidewalks clear
  • Minimize accidents and injuries
  • Ensure client access to your business
  • Anything over 2 cm is cleared
  • Save your back and let the professionals do the work

Edmonton Snow Removal

Whether your property is a house, an apartment building, or commercial property, Newhart’s snow removal teams will take care of your property needs in a timely fashion all winter season. Our crews work early mornings so you and your clients have safe access in and out of your residential or commercial properties.

We’re always watching the forecasts so we know when your business is going to need sanding and salting to keep your parking lots and sidewalks safe.

Keeping your walks and lots clean reduces injuries and vehicle collisions. Let us take on the white stuff and keep your curb appeal.

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Bobcat Snow Removal Services

We also provide Bobcat snow removal services for larger properties. Each year snow and unseen ice injures hundreds of people in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Let us be your snow removal professionals this season and stay out of the cold and out of harms way. With Newhart’s snow removal service, we have you covered – and your side walks and parking lots uncovered!

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